Last Updated: 5th August 2009
About the Project:

March 2005
Created with:
3DS Max 9
Adobe Photoshop CS
Windows Movie Maker

This piece was put together for the Advanced Animation for Games module as part of the final year of my degree. The Original brief called for a 3D animated-Cutscene that would form the opening introduction to a game level. The game (and thus the custcene) had to feature war, conflict or war-based events. In this case, the theme chosen was a future-fictional "Mad Max" style civilian war waged over remaining oil and fuel reserves. The protaganist in the piece is a freelance wheelman who earns his way and gets his kicks as a "man for hire", stealing industrial secrets, double-dealing and sabotaging for the money and respect of the competing oil-syndicates.

The piece is modelled and animated using 3D studio Max 9. The car physics are a combination of hand animation and the Havok Reactor engine, and the character skinned with Character Studio 4. All other effects were created using the particle and atmospheric effects tools within 3DS MAx. The animation is broken down into several scenes to avoid any one scene becoming too large and memory intensive. Details like the vehicles and environment level were also created in seperate files and externally referenced. This allowed the animation to be applied to low detail proxy models and again save memory, making animation quicker and easier.

The desert environment is created using a particle system to randomly "grow" the foliage from the terrain, while the vehicles were adapted from my '65 Ford Thunderbird and Dukes of Hazzard "General Lee" models to suit the environment. See the related pages below.

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