Last Updated: 21st July 2009
About the Author

I am a dedicated digital artist with a passion for attention to detail and producing work to the highest quality possible. I recently graduated from the University of Teesside, England with a First in BA (Hons) Computer Games Art, and was Short-listed in the Royal Television Society Awards (NE & Borders) in 2009 for the Student Animation Awards

My skill-set is primarily focused around 3-D modelling, Digital Image Manipulation, and Animation related to the computer games industry, but I am also proficient with HTML, Flash and general 2-D design, as well as traditional drawing / illustration skills.

I was first drawn to the idea of making computer games for a living at high-school, upon the discovery that many games had the scope to be customised or “modded” by the player. From the get-go it was always driving games that grabbed my attention, and I started my modding career creating skins for Interstate ’82, Sprites for Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 and Mission Scripts for Reflections’ Driver.

From there the discovery that you could completely replace the vehicles of Grand Theft Auto III more or less coincided with the discovery that you could do a Degree in Computer Games Art and I was hooked. I created numerous car models attempting to emulate the style of my favourite games at the time (including GTA: Vice City and Stuntman) which gave me the foot hold and motivation to work at my degree with true enthusiasm and desire to succeed.

Since then I have worked 12-months within the Computer Games Industry on a University placement scheme with Bizarre Creations, during which time I contributed to the making of Project Gotham Racing 4 and in doing so achieved my first accreditation in a published title.

Since leaving University I have also been able to expand a completely different skill-set, having been commissioned to restore and repaint a Classic car on behalf of a friend. During this time my abilities as a Welder, Painter and general car body repair have improved immeasurably, as well as testing my ability to manage the project's budget and schedule.

I am currently looking for a career in a position that will challenge me creatively and mentally on a regular basis and in which I can build my future. I am friendly and polite with good interpersonal skills and believe I can offer top quality work of a professional standard, delivered within expected deadlines.