Last Updated: 3rd August 2009
About the Project:

March 2005
Created with:
3DS Max 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS
Final Polygon Count:
5260 triangles

This model was developed as a personal project. The overall aim was to create a vehicle in the style of the game "STUNTMAN" by Reflections Interactive. This meant working to a polygon limit of around 5000 polygons, modelling details that are normally hidden, such as the engine, chassis and trunk interior, and modelling a damaged version of each panel on the car, which in a game would be substituted during a collsion.

The Size of texture map suitable for the car was guessed through studying the textures of other vehicles in "Stuntman". It seemed unfeasable to produce the required resolution on a 256 x 256 map so a 512 x 512 map was settled upon.

Later, it was decided to lightly rework this model for use in a piece of animation as part of my University Coursework. This meant making it look rusty and neglected, and to cater for the inclusion of some close-up cameras inside the car, the model was given a new texture map of 1024 x 1024 pixels and extra polygon detail was added to the interior.

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